File System Software

We specialise in Windows file systems and file system filters (legacy, mini-filters and also use of the OSR Data Modification Kit), and can provide support at any stage of development.

  • Consulting — We can provide independent consulting at any stage of development.
  • Architecture — Making the right architectural decisions early is critical and our experience makes us a natural choice to assist you give your filesystem project the best possible start.
  • Development — With decades of experience, our engineers are well placed to help you in the development of your systems.
  • Review — Review is a vital part of deploying high quality systems. We can provide independent review at all stages, requirements, design and code.
  • Test — We can help you develop and deploy your test plan.
  • Interoperability testing — We attend the Microsoft IFS Plugfest and can test your filesystem filter driver for interoperability at these events.

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