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About Steading System Software

Steading System Software is a limited liability partnership (LLP) based just outside Edinburgh in Scotland.


Rod Widdowson

Rod has over 20 years experience in File systems, Middleware and high availability systems, spanning multiple operating systems and environments. His Windows experience stretches back to NT version 3 and includes working on complete full file systems, legacy filters and mini filters. More recently Rod has significant experience of OSR’s Filesystem Development, (FSDK), Filter Driver Development (FDDK), and Data Modification (DMK) kits.

Rod is also a contributor to the Shibboleth Open Source Federated Security project where he has concentrated on the Discovery Service and installers for the IdP.

Alison Rice

Alison brings a range of experience in the field over three continents and two decades. As a result, she has a special understanding of cross cultural differences and expectations enabling us to offer clients a fully rounded, bespoke service.

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